It is committed to the research and development of ultra-fine powder with high performance and new powder control technology as the core.

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Shanghai Gona Industrial Co., Ltd

Shanghai Gona Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of inorganic functional powder materials. The company is committed to providing fast new product development and stable and high-quality product supply services for customers such as electronic information, new energy, environmental protection, national defense and military industry.


New Materials Better Life


As a technological innovation enterprise, the company attaches great importance to new technology development and quality assurance. The company has established a special R&D pilot test center - Forfuture (Shanghai)New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the company's new product development, existing product improvement, product technical support, engineering process improvement and pilot scale-up.

It includes testing laboratories for sintering performance, polishing performance, dispersion performance and catalytic performance, and is equipped with complete powder material experimental equipment and testing equipment, which can carry out R&D technical work such as development, optimization and product evaluation of various functional powder materials.

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